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Fundamentals of Nursing: Concepts and Competencies for Practice 9th Edition Craven Test Bank


Table of Contents

Unit I Professional Concepts
Chapter 1 Professional Concepts
Chapter 2 The Nurse’s Role in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
Chapter 3 Values, Ethics, and Legal Issues
Chapter 4 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Care
Chapter 5 Nursing Process: Foundation for Clinical Judgement
Unit II Nursing Process
Chapter 6 Nursing Assessment
Chapter 7 Nursing Diagnosis
Chapter 8 Outcome Identification an Planning
Chapter 9 Implementation and Evaluation
Chapter 10 Healthcare Team Communication: Documenting and Reporting
Unit III Healthcare Delivery Concepts
Chapter 11 Health, Wellness, and Integrative Healthcare
Chapter 12 Healthcare in the Community and Home
Chapter 13 Culture and Diversity
Chapter 14 Communication in the Nurse-Patient Relationship
Chapter 15 Patient Education and Health Promotion
Chapter 16 Caring for the Older Adult
Unit IV Clinical Care Competencies
Chapter 17 Safety
Chapter 18 Health Assessment
Chapter 19 Vital Signs
Chapter 20 Asepsis and Infection Control
Chapter 21 Medication Administration
Chapter 22 Intravenous Therapy
Chapter 23 Perioperative Nursing
Unit V Concepts Involving Protection and Movement
Chapter 24 Hygiene and Self-Care
Chapter 25 Mobility
Chapter 26 Skin Integrity and Wound Healing
Chapter 27 Infection Prevention and Management
Chapter 28 Pain Management
Chapter 29 Sensory Perception
Unit VI Concepts Involving Homeostasis and Regulation
Chapter 30 Respiratory Function
Chapter 31 Cardiac Function
Chapter 32 Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base
Chapter 33 Nutrition
Chapter 34 Urinary Elimination
Chapter 35 Bowel Elimination
Chapter 36 Sleep
Unit VII Psychosocial Concepts
Chapter 37 Self-Concept
Chapter 38 Families and Their Relationships
Chapter 39 Cognitive Processes
Chapter 40 Sexuality
Chapter 41 Stress, Coping, and Adaptation
Chapter 42 Loss and Grieving
Chapter 43 Spiritual Health

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