Medical-Surgical Nursing 7th Edition Linton Matteson Test Bank


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This is NOT a book!

This is a Test Bank (Study Questions) to help you study for your Tests.

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Medical-Surgical Nursing 7th Edition Linton Matteson Test Bank   , offers the knowledge, skills, and understanding of the fundamentals of nursing and providing effective, safe, evidence-based nursing care. Content rich rationales allows students to explore the body system disorders, learn about diagnostics and procedures, manage disease, and implement correct nursing interventions to provide efficient care.,Medical-Surgical Nursing 7th Edition Linton Matteson Test Bank

ISBN-10 : 0323554598

ISBN-13 : 9780323554596

Table of Contents

1. Aspects of Medical-Surgical Nursing

2. Medical-Surgical Practice Settings

3. Medical-Surgical Patients: Individuals, Families, and Communities

4. Health, Illness, Stress, and Coping

5. Immunity, Inflammation, and Infection

6. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance

7. Cancer

8. Pain

9. Shock

10. The Older Adult Patient

11. Falls

12. Immobility

13. Delirium & Dementia

14. Incontinence

15. Nutrition

16. Intravenous Therapy

17. Surgery

18. Ostomy

19. Palliative and Hospice Care

20. Complementary and Alternative Therapies

21. Neurological System Introduction

22. Neurological Disorders

23. Cerebrovascular Accident

24. Spinal Cord Injury

25. Respiratory System Introduction

26. Upper Respiratory Disorders

27. Acute Lower Respiratory Disorders

28. Chronic Lower Respiratory Tract Disorders

29. Hematologic System Introduction

30. Hematologic Disorders

31. Immunologic System Introduction

32. Immunologic Disorders

33. Cardiovascular System Introduction

34. Cardiac Disorders

35. Vascular Disorders

36. Hypertension

37. Digestive System Introduction

38. Upper Digestive Tract Disorders

39. Lower Digestive Tract Disorders

40. Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreatic Disorders

41. Urologic System Introduction

42. Urologic Disorders

43. Musculoskeletal System Introduction

44. Connective Tissue Disorders

45. Fractures

46. Amputations

47. Endocrine System Introduction

48. Pituitary and Adrenal Disorders

49. Thyroid and Parathyroid Disorders

50. Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

51. Female Reproductive System Introduction

52. Female Reproductive Disorders

53. Male Reproductive System Introduction

54. Male Reproductive Disorders

55. Sexually Transmitted Infections

56. Integumentary System Introduction

57. Skin Disorders

59. Eye and Vision Disorders

60. Ear and Hearing Disorders

61. Psychobiologic Disorders

62. Substance Abuse

63. First Aid, Emergency Care, and Disaster Management


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